We Are High Quality Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer In China

We Are High Quality Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer In China


Aluminum Extrusion

High-Quality Aluminum Profiles

Enhance your projects with well-made aluminum profiles. We are a reliable Aluminum manufacturer in Asia that adheres to the ISO9001 quality certification system to ensure you get top-notch customized solutions that are seamlessly consistent with your design goals. 

We transform your ideas into high-quality reality.

Aluminum profile

Large Extruder:600-4000 Ton Extrusion Force

We have extrusion machines with aluminum extrusion force of 600 tons to 4,000 tons, which can meet your various extruded aluminum profile needs. In addition, our self-operated mold factory has professional mold development capabilities, providing effective guarantee for the quality of aluminum profiles. Our team will serve as your on-the-ground presence at the facility, helping ensure quality, manage timelines, and enhance cross-cultural communication.

Aluminum Manufacturer

One-Stop Manufacture

Experience the advantages of communicating with our one-stop aluminum manufacturer, worry-free and labor-saving full service, efficient and fast production process, strict control of product quality, and customized aluminum extrusion services according to your needs, so as to save you costs, improve production efficiency and Optimize product quality.

Aluminum Extrusion


Aluminum Profiles Suitable For Different Industries

Do you need aluminum profiles tailored for your Industry? Whether you are working in mechanics, electronics, renewable energy or other fields, our expertise ensures precision solutions. By using aluminum extrusions that meet the highest industry standards, you can elevate your projects to achieve the strength and innovation you need. Ruiyu Aluminum will be the best choice for your project.

Aluminum profileAluminum ManufacturerAluminum ExtrusionAluminum profile


Ensure the structural integrity aesthetics and sustainability of construction projects.


Goods Lightweight, durable extrusions ideal for high-end sports equipment.


Cost-effective, heat-resistant solution that improves the performance of electronics.


Increase the efficiency and longevity of green energy solution.

Aluminum ManufacturerAluminum ExtrusionAluminum profileAluminum Manufacturer


High-strength,lightweight materials to elevate perfrmance

and fuel efficiency in the skies.


Use aluminum extrusions to improve vehicle performance, fuel efficiency and design aesthetics.


Beautiful, durable and easy to style, ideal for decorating cities and interior.

Other Industrial

Our aluminum profiles have countless applications in many industries.

Custom or Standard Aluminum Profiles, How to Choose?

Whether you have a custom design or want to take advantage of a catalog of thousands of in-stock molds, 

we have you covered.

Customized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Unleash the power of custom design with our custom aluminum extrusion services.We will create custom molds and tooling based on your unique contour drawings.Your customized aluminum extrusion can be anodized, powder coated,or otherwise finished.They can also be drilled,cut,post-processed,stamped,bent or subjected to other secondary operations.

Explore our Custom Extrusion Capabilities

Aluminum Extrusion

Standard Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Extruded shapes such as channels, angles and tubes can play a vital role when building indoor or outdoor structures. Standard architectural decorative profiles can enhance the appearance of your project. We offer standard aluminum profiles in a variety of different alloys and can carry out secondary operations to make them perfect.

Browse Our Standard Extrusion Shapes

Aluminum profile

T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Complete large projects with modular T-slot aluminum profiles. Create the structure you need in the workshop without any welding. Using a range of accessories including bolts and fasteners, you can quickly and easily build machine guards, workstations, racks, carts, enclosures and more.

View Our Collection of T-Slot Dies

Aluminum Manufacturer


We offer a variety of 6061/6063 aluminum alloy standard or customized aluminum extrusion to meet your strength, machinability and other property needs. With a minimum order quantity of 1000 kg (1.1 US tons), we can extrude your custom or standard profiles and perform your required deep processing of aluminum profiles.


Options Available





Finishing Services

Sandblasting,Anodizing,Powder Coating,Sublimation(Wood Look)

,PVDF Coating

Other Secondary

Post Machining,Cutting,Stamping,Drilling,Welding,Bending


Profile WidthUp to 400mm depending on shape,size,and CCD

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