Automotive Aluminum Extrusions

Automotive Aluminum Extrusions


High-Quality Aluminum Profiles From Asia: Made For The Auto Industry


Nowadays, automotive aluminum extrusion profiles are used more and more widely in new energy vehicles. The requirements for high-performance aluminum extrusion profiles for vehicles are: the strength is getting higher and higher, the mold is getting more complex, and the wall thickness is getting thinner. Aluminum profiles have a range of excellent features and in many cases have replaced high-strength steel in body structures. At Ruiyu Aluminum, we have the ability to provide automotive industry companies with the aluminum extrusions they need.

Automotive Aluminum Extrusions

Factory Equipment And Technical Strength 

Our aluminum profile factory has advanced production equipment and superb technology to provide high-quality aluminum profile products for the automobile manufacturing industry. Our automotive aluminum profiles have been widely used in major automobile brands in China, and we have established long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known companies.

aluminum extrusion

Manufacturing Service Scope

In addition to extrusion services, we offer a wide range of manufacturing options. Extrusions can be finished to your liking, whether powder coated, anodized or simply sanded. Your extrusions can be machined, drilled, cut, or stamped to suit your project needs.

aluminum extrusion profiles

On-Time Delivery, Trustworthy

We are well aware of the importance of on-time delivery to our customers, so we strictly control the production process to ensure that each batch of products can be delivered on time. Authentic manufacturers help ensure your extrusion quality, smooth communication and delivery time.

Get The Profile You Need For Your Application

Aluminum extrusions for automobiles mainly use 6000 series aluminum alloys, such as 6061, 6063, etc., which have lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistance properties. In the past, aluminum extrusions were mainly used in structural parts such as car seats and frames. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and the demand for energy conservation and emission reduction, aluminum extrusions have been widely used in key components such as automobile bodies, chassis, and suspension systems, injecting new vitality into the development of the automobile industry.

Automotive Aluminum Extrusionsaluminum extrusion
  • Roof Rails

  • B-Pillar

  • Cross Members

  • Driveshaft 

  • Front & Rear Headers

  • Rear Frame Rail 

  • Side Door Intrusion Beam

  • Door Hinge Support

  • A-Pillar

  • Radiator Support

  • Strut Tower Brace 

  • Roof Racks 

  • Front & Rear Bumper

  • Subframe

  • Apron Tube

  • ABS Block

  • Rocker Reinforcement 

  • IP Beam

  • Front Frame Rail

  • Beltline Reinforcement

  • Roof Support Pillar

  • Anti-Sub Bar

  • Upper Rail

  • Control Arm

  • Electronics Housings

  • Crash Management Systems

  • Rail Support 

  • And more! 

Automotive Aluminum Extrusion Components

Welcome to enjoy our product example pictures. The following shows you the practical application of the automotive aluminum extrusions produced by our factory. Through these pictures, you can more intuitively understand how our products contribute to the automotive manufacturing industry.

aluminum extrusion profilesAutomotive Aluminum Extrusionsaluminum extrusionaluminum extrusion profiles
Automotive Extrusion CasingAutomotive Extrusion HousingApron Tube Automotive Extrusion Housing
Automotive Aluminum Extrusionsaluminum extrusionaluminum extrusion profilesAutomotive Aluminum Extrusions
Radiator Support

Crash Management Systems

Apron Tube Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Shell

Top-Class Extrusion Factory From China

As a professional aluminum extrusion manufacturer, Ruiyu Aluminum has a wealth of blank shapes and customized extrusion capabilities, and can provide you with the profiles you need for your project. Whatever your project needs, we can provide you with the right aluminum extrusion solution. We always adhere to customer-centricity and strive to provide customers with high-quality products and services. You are welcome to contact us at any time and let us work together to create more value for your project.

aluminum extrusionaluminum extrusion profilesAutomotive Aluminum Extrusionsaluminum extrusion

Custom Extrusion Capabilities

We do not have extrusions in stock, all extrusions are made to order. This means you can specify your exact requirements and our extruders are supplied with a range of alloying, tempering, finishing and other ancillary services. Contact us for more details and to discuss your specific extrusion requirements.

aluminum extrusion profilesAutomotive Aluminum Extrusionsaluminum extrusionaluminum extrusion profiles

For custom aluminum extrusion projects, molds are machined from H13 steel. Profiles can be stretched to 400mm (15 3/4") depending on shape, size and CCD. Mold costs typically range from $800 to $1600, with extrusion lead times of 1-2 weeks.

Alloys and Tempering

Depending on your project needs, the appropriate alloy can be selected to obtain the required strength, corrosion resistance, and other properties. Usually 6000 series alloys are chosen.

Surface Treatment

The choice of surface finish will affect the appearance and corrosion resistance of the profile. We offer a variety of surface treatments, including anodizing, powder coating and wood grain sublimation, so you can achieve the look you want.

Manufacturing Services

Once extrusion is complete, your extruded aluminum profile can enter the manufacturing stage. We provide ancillary services such as drilling, cutting and stamping that are both accurate and affordable. This will save you the time and cost of performing these operations during the installation phase.

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