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Ruiyu Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of industrial aluminum profiles and CNC processing products. Ruiyu Aluminum is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, the center of China's aluminum industry, and has been committed to providing one-stop aluminum deep processing products and services to global customers.

We deeply specialize in CNC machining products and have won the love of our customers with our excellent comprehensive strength and high-quality service. Our products are best-selling throughout the country and exported to multiple countries and regions such as the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, etc.

RUIYU Aluminum is specialized in the categories of :



With the above capabilities, we can provide you with comprehensive solutions for the production of various metal products. As an experienced aluminum manufacturer, we have various metal manufacturing capabilities, which can provide customers with comprehensive solutions, shorten delivery cycles, and save project costs.

We collaborate with numerous aluminum manufacturers and professional deep processing factories to ensure sufficient production capacity. To provide customers with a one-stop service, in addition to our factory's aluminum extrusion production line and CNC production line, we can also provide anodizing and powder coating production lines to produce aluminum extrusion products with various surface finishes according to your requirements. The aluminum alloys we can extrude include 2024 7075 6082 6005 6061 6063, suitable for various application scenarios.

RUIYU Aluminum Factory Overview



With these machines and production lines, we have sufficient capabilities to provide customers with further value-added services, such as CNC milling of aluminum extrusion parts and CNC turning of various metal parts they may need, such as aluminum, brass, steel, and copper parts. Stamping machines and laser cutting machines can provide customized services for our customers, including aluminum profiles, aluminum plates, and steel plates. The stretching molding machine can especially provide our customers with customized molding needs for aluminum profiles in construction and other industrial applications.

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